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I am the Immaculate Purity.
I am coming from heaven.
                                                                                                             Litmanova - Zvir, December 2, 1990

Village Litmanova in Slovakia is at a distance of 11 kilometers from the town Stara Lubovna. This village inhabited by only a few hundred families is almost entirely Greek (Byzantine) Catholic. They are in full communion with the Pope in Rome and the Catholic Church. The Greek Catholics who live here are of Carpatho-Rusyn nationality and speak a language called Rusyn. They also speak and understand Slovak. Since the 5th August 1990 until the 6th August 1995 on the mountain Zvir, less than 4 kilometers from the village, Our Lady kept appearing to two young girls – Ivetka Korcakova and Katka Ceselkova. Ivetka (born 1978) was a visionary to whom Our Lady used to give her messages. Katka (born 1977) during the apparitions from April 1991 she played the role of a witness. From this date she could see Our Lady, but she was not able to hear her. Apparitions took place in a hay-barn, in a small room (2,8 x 4 m). Girls received visits and messages from the Blessed Mother on every first Sunday of the month, which falls after the first Friday. Before the apparition both girls prayed at first, then Holy Virgin usually came like from the fog and she would generally sit on a narrow wooden bench at the wall. During the apparition girls had fallen into the ecstasy. They paid no attention to the surroundings and with a gentle smile gazed at the apparition. During these apparitions the Virgin Mary encourages the youths to attend Church services. She asks them to offer sacrifices combined with prayers in reparation for their sins, the sins of Slovakia, and the sins of the world. Apparitions on the mountain were accompanied by thousands pilgrims. About 100 meters from the hay-barn Holy Virgin blessed a well and she recommended to drink from this spring. According to testimonies of many witnesses the whole row of miracle recoveries apparently occurred.

History of revelations
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