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I wait for you at heaven ...

On Sunday, August 6, 1995, more than 100 thousand pilgrims came on mountain Zvir for the fifth anniversary of the apparitions of Virgin Mary. Shortly after one o'clock came to the microphone, Father Vladimir Sedlacek. His quiet and serious voice, in which he invites the attendees to a prayer, gave clearly vision, that the following words will be extremely serious. Many people during the silence, which over the past year accompanied monthly meeting both girls with Our Lady, already knew that this moment is unusual, especially when after Rosary they heard the voice of a priest instead of girls.

On both girls were shown seriousness of this moment.



Katka turned to the pilgrims with following words: Glory to Jesus Christ. I would like to tell you that this morning before we went to this mountain, we pray together with Ivetka so you can accept this message. We pray that God will be present in every one of you. Today, Our Lady was entire in the white clothes. She did not have the crown or the rosary did not have shoes. She was very serious. I want to tell you that she remains here, on this mountain. And she will always help each one of you.




There was tight silence when Ivetka took the microphone to her hand and she conveyed the message of the Virgin Mary:

“Glory to Jesus Christ! Our Lady said today:

My dear children! The revelation here is my last. I love you... And I thank you all for what have you done for me here...

My beloved children! I wanted this to happen, to wake you up from the dream of emptiness. For you to understand that you need to convert. For this period, you need the converting! Please, please! I will stay on this mountain. Start to think over my messages! Stay in my heart for this time! Stay, because you need to be more vigilant and simple...

The period that comes is already here. Then remain like children - Completely free for God.

Please, think over my words!

I love you and, I wait for you at heaven…” 



Crying started on the mountain Zvir. Crying of Mary's children, which perhaps began to understand that Heavenly Mother loves them, that she is extremely patient and with this step, she will arouse their desire in their hearts for the decision for God. Everyone was aware, that this moment has to come, but it came as lighting from a clear blue sky. Words of the mother ended, words of love which greatness exceeds all human imagination. After a short moment of tearful silence, Ivetka started: “I still want something to tell you… When I stood here on first Sundays and when announcing the messages I felt sometimes like these words would totally avoid us and that they do not enter our inside. So I begged a lot for the converting. First I begged for myself and then for all of you. During those five years, Our Lady was mostly serious. I think it was because even we have prayed here, and that is nice, but when we returned home our life remained the same. Virgin Mary wanted us to convert. She wanted us to change our lives. Because if she had come here, it means it is really serious. So we have to convert also in love, please. Otherwise, this period will be very difficult. I know that those who love God do not need explanation. Now, because we have the pain in our hearts, we can sacrifice. We can sacrifice for converting, for converting of this world, because Our Lady always loves us and she remains with us, and she invites us to convert. I believe that she is very happy because of the sacrifices that you have brought here today. And please, decide for converting. Let's decide together for converting because we could hear that time which is coming will be very serious If we will not look upon others and if we will be able to say:

God, convert me because I want not me to live, but Jesus inside of me,”

And then we will be able to convert our surroundings. But we have to start with ourselves. We cannot expect anybody to convert unless we start with ourselves. On behalf of the Virgin Mary, Thank you for coming


I want to tell you that this meeting for me was very valuable. Overall those five years I felt that Virgin Mary chose us as an implement. And I know that many times I did not live right. But I know that Our Lady wants me to bring myself to Jesus. And she is doing everything, to put our hearts together. Is not enough that the Virgin Mary appears in this cottage, it is not enough to me, to see her on opposite side. It is not enough unless she will be inside of me, inside of my heart. This apparition was very special for me because Virgin Mary said:

Touch the leg that will crush the serpent.

 So I did. And that it was very special for me” (Ivetka then kissed Virgin Mary’s leg)



Then Ivetka continued:

We are here in this natural environment, everywhere around mountains and it is great that we all can be united with God, our father. And now I will again read the words of the Virgin Mary, but please do not leave yet. Try, to hear it with love and with a desire to convert.

 Then she read again, and everybody again heard the last message, which was so hard to take it.


Then Ivetka added: Now we can pray together and we can pray:


Hail Mary... and pray: Our Lady reside completely in us and give us an inversion.



Virgin Mary will continue to help those who will come here to Mountain Zvir.


Although we do not see her, she still remains present on this mountain.



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