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August 5, 1990
O Mary, our Mother protect us under your mantle

We went up to the hillside - Katka Ceselkova, Ivetka Korcakova and Mikulas Ceselka. It was morning about seven o'clock. On the hill we played games all day long, we made a fire and we roasted some bacon and sang. The Liturgy was celebrated in the church at 5:00 p.m., but we did not want to go home to attend so we stayed up on the hill a little longer. At about 6:00 p.m., we heard a crackling sound in the forest near where we had made the fire. The sound was at first soft, then it intensified. We went inside our hut - Ivetka and Mitko lay down on their beds because they were tired. I (Katka) heard a noise as if someone was walking around the hut. I shouted "Ivetka, shut the door, I'm afraid!" We closed the door and then we heard a noise as if someone was rattling something made of tin. The noises became louder and we became so afraid that it took our breath away. After a while we heard yet a stronger knocking as if someone threw a lot of wood down from the high rocky hill. We were terrified! At this time, Mitko told us we should pray because we were afraid as the priest told him that once during a religious class. We prayed the "Our Father" three times, "Hail Mary" and then the "Golden Our Father" three times (these prayers we knew, and Mitko was praying some other prayers.) Suddenly, I (Ivetka), had the feeling to pray "Mary, Our Mother, protect us under your mantle." I prayed it three times (this prayer I had never said before), and then prayed "Guardian Angel"....We started to promise that Katka would begin going to religious class, that she would go to the church and that she would go to holy confession. We were sorry for our sins and at this moment there was a glow but we did not pay attention to this because we thought that it was from the sun. We did not say anything - because we thought it was something from our imagination, or out of fear. We made ourselves a pledge that during this week we would go to church every day! At this moment our fear left. We were sitting on the bed and suddenly a glow appeared in the middle of the room and we saw the Blessed Mother. We tried to see whether this was really her! She sat on the bench and she was listening to us. We were staring at the bench and Katka said "I see the Blessed Mother." "I see her too." said Ivetka. At this moment, we all ran out of the room. We left the place in a hurry, we did not even lock the door, we only ran home. The Blessed Mother followed us on the way, she stayed about two steps behind us. When we turned around, we saw her behind us. She accompanied us to the roadside cross. There, she knelt down and prayed. Then, she went behind us and then she started to gradually disappear. On the way home we were still afraid. I turned to look and I saw the Blessed Mother in front of my house for the last time. Ivetka saw the Blessed Mother in front of her uncle's house. She did not speak to us at the time. She was dressed in white dress, she had on a blue cloak, a blue transparent veil and on her head she wore a crown and in her hand she held a rosary. We returned home frightened. I went to my room and was quiet. Ivetka went home and told her mother about everything. Her mother did not believe her and so they went to Katka's house to ask her whether it was true. We both started to cry because they did not believe us. Ivetka's mother believed a little bit. When Katka's mother went to work the next day, she prayed "Blessed Mother, give me some visible sign that the girls are not lying" That very evening she had a dream. 'I saw the Blessed Mother with a green garland.' 'I asked her why she had a green garland.' 'She replied "because I am a Virgin and I have a pure heart."' Next I asked her whether it was true what the girls had said. The Blessed Mother relied, "Yes, do not doubt anything, but believe it all." At the end of August, Ivetka, Katka, Mitko, Ivetka's mother and father went up to the hill again. When they got to the hut, only Ivetka, Katka and Mitko went into the room. "We asked our parents to leave us alone." We prayed Our Father and Hail Mary three times, Golden Our Father three times and after that "O Mary, our Mother protect us under your mantle" for three times." We sat on the bed and in a moment we saw a mist and in this we bean to distinguish the outline of the Blessed Mother, but she was hardly visible. She did not speak to us and did not leave any message. She disappeared into the fog and we ran out to tell our parents what we had seen, that it was really the Blessed Mother! Mitko did not see her, only  two of us,  Katka and Ivetka, saw her.

September 30, 1990
Blessed Mother, forgive me all my sins

Only Ivetka and a few women were present on the field. "I saw the Blessed Mother and asked her: "Blessed Mother, forgive me all my sins," even though I had gone to confession only two days ago. The Blessed Mother asked me what I would like. I asked her for the health of my mother, her arms and back hurt her. I wished this because next month would be my birthday. The Blessed Mother told me "do not be afraid, your mother will soon be cured because of your tears." At that moment, I began to cry, I felt sorry because the Blessed Mother was crying also and because Katka did not come. (Katka did not keep her promise to go to church and receive confession). She did not fulfill what she had promised the first time. Ivetka was kneeling very stiffly and was staring at the location of the apparition of the Blessed Mother. At this moment, Ivetka's mother opened the door and Ivetka jumped up and caught he mom around the neck and reproached her mother - why did she come and opened the door right at that moment as she begged the Blessed Mother to stay longer with her!

October 1, 1990
Be example for other peoples

Today is the holyday "Protection of the Mother of God." We were both on the field with about 20 peoples from the village. I (Ivetka), saw the Blessed Mother clearly but Katka saw her in a fog because she had sins on her soul. The Blessed Mother told her to go to confession today in order to be an example to the people.

October 2, 1990
Prayer for the sinners

The two of us girls were on the field with about twenty other girls. We started to pray "Our Father" and "Hail Mary" three times and then the "Golden Our father." We saw the Blessed Mother - she was very happy. She told us that all during the month of October we would not see her, but she would pray for the conversion of sinners, and that she was always with us. I asked her about a deaf and dumb boy and the Blessed Mother told me that his father beat his mother and it was if he had beaten his spiritual Mother. We knew that in the church they were praying the rosary and so we wanted to return home. But the Blessed Mother asked us to stay with her and then we started to pray the rosary together. After finishing the rosary, we went home but were afraid of passing through the woods. Suddenly, Ivetka shouted that she saw the Blessed Mother near the woods. We prepared for prayer by saying "Mary, our mother, protect us under your mantle" and after the ninth time, the Blessed Mother opened her mantle and she guarded us the whole way home. during the way, we sang and prayed the "Our father." The Blessed Mother accompanied us all the way to the roadside cross….

November 1, 1990
Message and heart

There were about 40 people present and we entered the hut. We prayed in the same way as the first time. Out of the fog, the outline of the Blessed Mother began to appear and gradually the entire shape of the Blessed Mother. She was dressed humbly and she was barefoot. I was wondering why the Blessed Mother was so sad, said Ivetka. The Blessed Mother told me: "I am very sad because Katka did not dedicate to me the entire month of October. She did not pray the rosary every evening in order to repent for her sins." The Blessed Mother asked us to come to the field frequently. I was afraid how I would go to the field when winter would come and the snow begins to fall. The Blessed Mother told me not to be afraid because she never caused injury, only helped. Then, I started to cry and the people in the room with me also cried. We cried because Katka was not sufficiently prepared as of yet, she has insufficiently atoned for her sins. The Blessed Mother wanted to give us a message which we should spread.

November 4, 1990
Blessed water

We went up to the field where we together prayed the rosary. The Blessed Mother appeared from out of the mist from where she began to make her outline. We asked the Blessed Mother whether there should be a Divine Liturgy offered here. The Blessed Mother told us that the Divine Liturgy should be offered in honor of her Immaculate Heart. There were many people present and we did not feel well. We went to the spring, we washed ourselves and returned. We knelt down again. The Blessed Mother told us that we see her faintly because our hearts were stained with sin. She told us to pray the rosary three times. Then she told us that she had blessed the water from the spring. She wanted all people to take the water from the spring. The Blessed Mother is all pure. She was shining brightly and she told us to turn our faces towards the people. When we did, we saw that all the people have dirty faces and then the Blessed Mother disappeared

November 11, 1990
Disaster and Prayer of Slovakia
There was a lot of people. We prayed two decades of the rosary and then the Divine Liturgy started. We have  an appearance: The Blessed Mother began to form herself out of the mist - first an outline, then totally. She told us that at the deliverance of the message, only two of us and the priests should stay in the room. During the Divine Liturgy, we did not see her - only after we had finished. When the people began to pray, they continued with the holy rosary. We did not hear them because the Blessed Mother appeared again and told us that she could not look at the sins of Slovakia, that her children had a lot of everything but they did not worship her Son and Her. Her son would send a disaster to Slovakia; but if people will convert, and if they would start to pray more dearly and more fervently, the disaster would be gradually postponed. The Blessed Mother was sad and she told us to spread this message all over Slovakia in order for all of Slovakia to come and pray here.
November 18, 1990
Forgiveness and love

We went to the field and there was a lot of people. On the way up, we prayed and sang. Then, the people began to sing this hymn: "We have made a wreath for you, Mary...." We looked to the side and we saw the Blessed Mother. She had roses around her feet. We climbed higher and then the people sang "Jesus and Mary are coming with us." We looked to the right and we met the Blessed Mother with Jesus in her arms. She was barefoot Jesus was wrapped in a white cloth. Then, we all sang together. When we finished the rosary, we saw the Blessed Mother walking with a rosary. Then we turned around but we did not see her anymore. When we arrived at the place of the apparitions, we knelt down and prayed as always. Then, the Blessed Mother appeared with Jesus in her arms. Jesus was weeping. She gave us a message. She said that there are very few people that sacrifice, that Jesus made Himself a sacrifice for all nations. She gave us a proposal: "Why don't men make sacrifices as Jesus did so many years ago? She told us that people have many material things, they have everything they want and they would even kill each other for it. They only want to get more possessions. Jesus Himself taught us that we should love one another, that we should forgive one another." The Blessed Mother said: " Even if the water in the spring might have some dirt, if anything is immersed in the water, the water is still good." The Blessed Mother told us to spread the message all over Slovakia. Then, she asked us to tell the people not to lie but to tell the truth - and she asked why there were not more people coming to pray with us. One woman came to us and brought us a sheet of paper on which was written that her son had abandoned the faith and how could she return him to believe in God again. The Blessed Mother replied: "Her son became distracted from the faith because he has gone to Prague to pursue his studies, he fell in with a bad group and then he turned bad because he his the fact that he was a Christian from his friends. He did not want to mention it to anyone. He was ashamed to say that he was a Christian." The Blessed Mother said that his mother should pray for him. She should fast and then the Blessed Mother would take care of everything.

November 21, 1990
Still not enough people

The Blessed Mother appeared dressed all in white. She wore a beautiful white veil and in her hands a white rosary. She gave a second warning to us. There were very few people present. Jesus sacrificed Himself for all nations. "My children, have so much material things that they even kill one another. My Son Himself preached and taught that men should love one another and forgive one another. But it is not realized here!"

November 25, 1990
Invitation for priests

The Blessed Mother appeared out of the mist, from which we started to see the outline. Later, we saw her clearly in a blue dress with a blue rosary. The crucifix on the rosary had a golden border and was entirely gold. The Blessed Mother appeared kind and gave us a message for the Father (priest) - "Please celebrate the Divine Liturgy here on Sunday. Invite believers from all the parishes. They can come without fear. The Holy Spirit will help them. The Holy Liturgy should be celebrated in honor of My Son and Me. The Blessed Mother then said:" Thank you." I asked her about Helenka - her leg hurts her. The Blessed Mother gave the message that God allowed a test for her - whether she would turn away from God. If she would pray, then she would be cured. I asked her about a woman who drank. The Blessed Mother said "it was necessary to bring her to the place of apparitions. She must be sober. Let her come into the hut and leave her alone to pray various prayers. All of them will be accepted. Let her wash in the holy spring and she should do it often." After all this, the Blessed Mother gave us the message that her power is strongest on the field, in the hut and near the spring where she can work her miracles.

December 2, 1990
I am the Immaculate Purity

. Katka and Ivetka : "After the prayer," Mary, our Mother, hide us beneath your coat, "we saw emerge from the fog contours of lines, face, crown, dress. Mary was dressed in white, dress with gold trimming and translucent veil. We asked her what is her name.. The beautiful woman told us:

"I am the Immaculate Purity."

When asked where she came, we got an answer:

"I am coming from heaven."

Furthermore, she said:

"This Saturday will be my holiday (December 8, Immaculate Conception). I will be glad if people come here and this pilgrimage dedicated to my Son." During questions, the Virgin Mary smiling. Then told us to repeat the message from last time, because it came many new people who did not know, and again recommended to pray the Holy Rosary. Finally, we asked the Virgin Mary to cure the sick and their relatives. Our Lady said: To get healed from the physical and mental disease it is necessary to pray daily the whole rosary (joyful, sorrowful and solemn), to fast on Wednesday and Friday and to drink water from the spring of the Mountain. The cause of each disease is sin. Then she added that the sick will be healed, but not all. Our Lady wants us to repeat the message from last time, because it came many new peoples. Virgin Mary again recommended praying holy rosary. Peoples hate each another and they rush for wealth. Slovakia is facing big disaster, when people redeem, disaster will be delayed

December 8, 1990
Do not be afraid and come to me

People prayed together Rosary. Katka and Ivetka: "Suddenly, the fog showed and then Mary emerged from the mist. She was dressed in white dress and had a white veil. In hands she was holding white lily, a sign of purity. She looks happy. We were enthusiastic, that Our Lady smiled at us. She start talk to us: "Holy Mass, of which I have already asked once - I am requesting now. Let celebrate holy mass here at my favorite place on the day of my son's birthday, so that people can receive here flesh and blood of Christ.". We asked her how they will walk when it comes snow and frost and because there is tend to cruel winter. Our Lady replied: "Do not worry neither snow nor frost and wind, and come to me. I never hurt anyone, only help. We told her that some people do not believe us that we see her so often. Mary responded: "I will appear as many times as necessary." She asked all people to come on December here, although the snow and frost, that their Prayer will be heard. She began go away with a smile in the same way as she appears. This day was dedicated to the Virgin Mary

December 9, 1990
A miracle will come at the right time

Ivetka: "We prayed all the prayers as usual. When people begin to pray the Rosary, appeared strong light-brightness, in which we saw the outlines of the Virgin Mary. She was all gleaming, but most gleaming was her crown. Her armful was open and from her hand also was gleaming bright light. I asked the Virgin Mary, how our local priest should ask the bishop to allow celebrate the holly mass here on the Zvir. Our Lady smiled and said, "Le father just repeat what I announced on Saturday and everything else I will take care of." I asked her if she could do some visible miracle for people to believe, and come here to pray Rosary. Our lady got very serious and replied: "A miracle will come at the right time."

December 16, 1990
With repentance and prayer to joy

We prayed together as usual, After start praying Rosary, it start creating fog and we saw contours of the Virgin Mary. She was dressed in golden dress with golden flange, blue belt, blue coat and veil. She was wearing a crown. Ivetka: " I asked at the beginning; what should people do to have a joyful Christmas and spend holidays, in happiness. Our Lady said: "In all, it is necessary for all people to repent and pray the Holy Rosary. This will be guarantee for beautiful and happy holidays." When Our Lady spoke about repentance, she aimed her hand on her heart. People come from far and near, the sick and the healthy and everybody has some desire or request. To fulfill all the prayers, Our Lady asking people to pray and fast on Wednesdays and Fridays.

December 23, 1990
Holy rosary - all need for grace

Ivetka: "We have seen the Virgin Mary, and told us that in the short time will come visible sign. We asked her why she always advise us to pray Rosary. She replied:"I am the Immaculate Purity, but also Queen of the Holy Rosary. The one who prays the Rosary, at same time is requesting all necessary graces"

December 24, 1990
Pure heart - dwelling for Jesus

Girls asked Our Lady of blessing for the priests. She just smiled and nodded as a sign that she will protect them. Then she said: On my son's birthday, let people have clean hearts, so Jesus can stay in them, and that during the Christmas people could receive him to pure heart." Our Lady was wearing white dress, light blue coat and veil. She was sitting on the bench, holding rosary in her hands

December 25,1990
Important are good deeds

Virgin Mary revealed to us from fog, She has been dressed same as yesterday. Ivetka: "We wanted to ask the Virgin Mary, whether she likes us, but we did not know how to do it. But she knew without question and she answered itself: "I love all people who pray the Rosary, but also those who offend me." She said to us to repeat what she said on Christmas Eve and said: "It is not important, that you have full tables. Not for that was Jesus born in poor stall, but it's important that you have many good deeds with God."

December 26,1990
Test of courage

Virgin Mary said to girl: "The storm, which was last night was a test of whether people come to the mountain, if they remember the previous message when I told them that they were not to be afraid of snow or frost and wind and came to me. For I have not hurt anyone, only help."

December 30,1990
Medallions of immaculate Purity

Girls asked the Virgin Mary, what would like she wish. She answered: Make the medallions to be made with my name, which I have told you, on the one side of the locket, but only the initials. Under the name should be my pure dazzling Heart and the white lily - sign of my purity. On the other side should be my picture with my Son in my arms. Medallions should be worn by people who feel the respect to Me and to my Son. One who will wear this locket, respect my purity and worship me under the name of Immaculate Purity, will always get my help if he will ask for it.Girls then asked for blessing of St.. Church and all religious nurses. Mary did not say anything, just pleasantly smiled.

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