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January 1, 1991
My son - right way

My dear children!

 I bless you all and I would be glad if in the New Year you will have strong faith, pure heart, and love my son and me because my son is the right way."When Mary says,    "My Children" she meant all people.

January 6, 1991
Sacrifice for Holy Trinity

Our Lady appeared to the girls all in white, she did not have a crown or rosary. She was very beautiful and she smiled at us. She said: "I would be glad if you consecrate this day to the Holy Trinity and offered her all your deeds," When asked what she wanted from the religious nurses she said:

“Be pure without sins and their prayers of the Holy Rosary sacrifice for sinners.”

January 13, 1991
Zvir - blessed mountain

Ivetka: "Virgin Mary thanked us. We asked her whether other water springs on the mount are blessed because there are a lot of people and not enough time to fill up the water." Our Lady said: "With my arrival is blessed Whole Mountain. People can take water also from the side springs."

January 20, 1991
I will come at the right time

The Virgin Mary once again thanked the girls. She was particularly sad. She said: ”I am sorry that my children are killing each other, murdering and shedding each other's blood, even though I am your loving Mother. The war in the Persian Gulf is not the will of God because. The world has been under the power of the Devil for several years now. Slovakia is on the verge of a big disaster, but she as our loving mother is willing to help us. It's completely to us whether we will ask and to pray. If you, my children, admit that the disaster will happen, it will come. But if you will resist and decide to let yourself be totally in God's hands and if you will pray: “Let God's will be done”, catastrophe will be averted, because "I will come at the right time." I am your beloved mother, and I invite all my dear children in this time to have a blessed object with you because then the Devil will not have as much power over you.”

January 27, 1991
Song - joy of Mary

Ivetka: Today when we saw the Virgin Mary, she was sad again. She told us to repeat the message from the previous Sunday and supplicate us: Please, pray for my suffering children: "Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory, and I believe," She thought the people in the Gulf. Then she added: "I am joyful when you sing songs about me and my Son."

February 2, 1991
Mary - our generous mother

Our Lady said to Ivetka: "Maybe you know, my dear child that today is my holiday. Today are my hands full of generous gifts. Today will be many miracles. Sinners will convert; rich will finds that they do not care about material wealth, because the wealthy are those who have spiritual wealth. And those who are proudly in the hearts of minds, they will find that actually, they have nothing to be so proud I am telling you this, your loving Mother." Katka saw the Virgin Mary only slightly and almost did not hear her.

February 3, 1991
All are my children

Yvetka: People gave me rosaries and magic medals to sanctification. Before the revelation, we lay them down on the bench, but before I even managed to ask the Virgin Mary, she said to me: "Ivetka, I know what your request is.” She blessed things with her hand. Then she said: "I will be always with you, but my presence will fill only those, whose prayers come from the pure heart and are sincere. I am your queen and also your loving mother and I would like that my kids are walking the same path as I walked, in the way of obedience and devoutness. You all are my children, even those who hate me. Therefore, I ask my Son for them. I ask that sinners will never know what sin is, and those who hate will never know what hate and dislike are. This is because Jesus loves everyone. Mary was happy that so many people came today here. When she was leaving, she smiles and looked much prettier and younger.

February 10, 1991
More depends on purity of the soul

Ivetka: Today, Our Lady said. That she would be glad if during this Lenten period people will think about the pain and suffering of her only begotten Son. Mary said: “Some of my children are confused about the concepts because more depends on the purity of the human soul then change of clothes or restrain from eating meat."

February 17, 1991
I have to cry over you

According to the testimony of Yvetka, the Virgin Mary was very sad. She was wearing a black dress and black veil, in her hands; she was holding a wooden rosary. She said: "My children, I beg you to repent. Please note that you have one father and one mother who are waiting for you at heaven. The mother should be happy about her children and enjoy, but I have to cry over you because you are stray people in your sins. Somebody wanted girls to ask Virgin Mary about Turzovka (Village in the north-west of Slovakia). Girls never heard about Turzovka. Mary replied: “I wish the church to be built in Turzovka.”

February 24, 1991
God is merciful Father

Mary was dressed in a burgundy dress, veil and robe and had a black belt. She said: "Prayer is a big weapon by means of which can be anything reached if it, however, comes from the pure and sincere heart. Some people see God as a judge. It is not like that, because he is good and merciful Father of the Heaven and Earth.” Ivetka: "I asked her, why last Sunday she was dressed in black. She replied that in the Gulf, where there is war now, almost all the souls go to perdition, and she hears their horrible screams of pain."

March 3, 1991
Only the first Sundays

My dear children!

 I am coming here because people insult my next of kin, which from the beginning of my life I respect and worship - our Heavenly Father and my only begotten Son and also me. As your mother, it hurts me, that my own children offend my Father and my only begotten Son. “From today's Sunday there I will always be present, but your eyes will see me and your heart Ivetka, will hear me only the first Sunday of each month. As most of you go on the first Friday to confession, cleanse your heart and so realize my words in mind and think about in your heart”

April 7, 1991
I am the Queen for all

Mary was smiling at the beginning; she was wearing a white dress, blue robe, blue veil and had a blue rosary. She was, as always barefoot. Thanked the people that they came here and gave the blessing. Then she said: "I am the servant of my heavenly life to God the Father. I Am the Mother of my son all my children and Queen for all of you. This Sunday, I would be glad that there is no a child, which will not pray to St. Thomas for all disbelieve people, because he was an unbeliever, but made repentance. He will present your prayers to his Heavenly Father, to be particularly and graciously accepted "Then Holy Mother gave Ivetka a secret which is related to Slovakia. She was sad.

May 5, 1991
I will conquer...

Our Lady said: "I want you to be particularly pure in heart this month because this month is sacred to me. Your prayer will be particularly heard, but they must be sincere and coming from a pure heart. Praying means to think about words which you use to express yourself. This month devil will tempt you a lot because he hates me and I hate the devil. But if you follow my appeal, I will conquer.”

June 9, 1991
My prayers are not enough

Mary said she is not satisfied, how many of us spent the month of May; she said that if we will continue to do so, our conversation with her will be reduced. "Ivetka says:" I expressed my support for the sick, and Mary's wish is that they will touch the bench, and on next revelation, we will be a witness that there is the reason, why they are bearing the cross. She warned us: Do not wish that our good Father will show you that He is Lord of heaven and earth. Finally, Our Lady said: "I will pray for you, my dear children, but my prayers are not enough but have to be also yours."

July 7, 1991
Prayers for purity

Our Lady was wearing a white dress, had a blue veil, robe and belt. She was holding Rosary and wearing Crown. There were black stains on the robe. She blessed the thing that was on the bench. Then she said that we remembered the meaning of our life. Her son does not want too much from us, he requests from each of us only what he can give. She said that when we have the temptation, we should realize that she is always with us. Then we should pray the prayer: "Immaculate Purity, help me maintain my heart pure." God is love and it is to us, how we receive Him. Mary said that the dirt on her robe, was our sins.

August 4, 1991
Sacrifice and pray

Our Lady had a blue robe and veil, white gown, crown, and Rosary, she was barefoot. The robe was no longer as dirtier as last time. She was looking at all the people, and she was sad. Yvetka asked her what it happened, that stains disappeared from her robe. She said: "Many of you today sacrifice to me." Then she said forcefully: "My children. Do not sin, because you do not know how harmful it is. I want you to sacrifice and pray. All this month I want you to pay more attention to sinners.

September 8, 1991
God's visit is close

My dear children!

 "Your eyes are misty with your sin. I am very sad that Satan has the world in his hands for so many years.  But I am sadder that have to say such a thing on my holiday: God's visit is close already, and so - look for love."

October 6, 1991
Pray for all

My dear children!

"This month I want you to pray together for the conversion of sinners. This month I would like, that you more love each another that the peace of the Holy Spirit will be with you. Of course, I Am your mother and I wish, I lived in you and you live in me. I am praying for you, but pray also for yourself and for everyone around you."

November 3, 1991
Thank to Heavenly Father

My dear children!

 I'm sad because you stop to thank my Heavenly Father. I come here so that I notify you about what you are forgetting. Live according to my messages. Learn to give thanks, because my Son will not let me come here anymore. Thank Heavenly Father for everything He is giving to you.

December 8, 1991
It is still time

My dear children!

So little you want to actualize God's will! All my life I was doing everything what God wanted from me. Give thanks. Now is the time when my son is offering himself for you. It is still time...

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