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January 9, 1994

Be born again for prayer

My dear children!

 Be born again for your prayer of your life. Why are you pretending to be blind to the love of God! You are filling yourself with false love of this world and throw away the true love. My dear children, please, try to utilize in more to depth the Blessed Sacrament.. Intend to pray more deeply. I pray with you. I pray for peace of your heart

February 6, 1994
Let calm down yourself with Jesus

My dear children!

 I am glad that I can be here with you. Please let calm down yourself with Jesus. You are filled with noise and disorder of this world, and for all that you forget to be humble and meek before God. And then you do not feel what Eucharistic Jesus wants to do in your heart. What prayer wants to do. If you feel weak, enter all your weakness to my heart, so that through you, God may express himself in his power.

March 6, 1994
The God is love

My dear children!

 I love you. And thank you for coming here. I beg you for your love for God and your neighbor. Many of you pray superficially, and then they fill nothing in prayer. It is necessary to insert the whole yourself to deep prayer. Everything what we are and everything we have. You allow blindly to enslave yourself with this world, and then love broadly. God is love. And only love can rescue you.


April 3, 1994

Live for love

My dear children!

 I want greet you in the name of Him who with his love overcame the death, and I am delighted that I can be with you. You wonder why I came. On this holy day I want to answer you: I have come here so I remind you that you were created for love. I want teach you to live for love. I invite you to Divine Mercy. And I want to give you a piece of joy from heaven.

May 8, 1994
Be mature in love

My dear children!

 Thank you for coming here, and I would like to tell you, that you know the Lord your God so little.. You talk to much about God, but not live. You did not have your deeds, your heart and your words to get matured in love yet. This world is sick because it is filled with filth and dirt. You do not want to think same as this world. Do not desire for what he desires this world. I love you. And I am extremely care about your heart.

Jun 5, 1994
God will give you strength

My dear children!

 I love you and thank you, that you stay here. I would like to tell you as a Mother, ask you to start living simply, think simply and to do simply. Look for calm that Spirit of Christ can be reborn in you again. Do not let this world to make you double deal . Please, become a living Gospel. Do not worry that you are weak. God will give you strength. I pray that I will heard response to my call

July 3, 1994
Please, change your life

My dear children!

 I love you and please - change your life! Hear the voice of your Mother ... Jesus lives in you! God lives in you! Do not live as if you would not pay attention to the huge care which is given to each one of you. Do not live like those who can see, but who are still blind, like those who can hear, but who are still deaf. God is here ...

August 7, 1994
I love you

My dear children!

I am delighted that you came into my heart. Thank you. The period in which you live is very serious. And only this way you can survive spiritually. I want to give you The Heart of Jesus. So that once we all will meet at heaven. At home. I love you, just the way you are. Each of my sons and daughters should tell me: "My mother - now I want to change my life. I want to go to the Father, I trust completely, that you will help me get to him." I love you. I love you ...! I want you to be happy. But this world will never made you happy. I look forward to ...!

September 4, 1994

You are all brothers and sisters


My dear children!

 Receive to your life God as the good Father who loves you and care about you. Try intend to change your life. Accept that you are all brothers and sisters that we are all in the Father's hand and he sees us. Please accept this as truth, and so you learn to trust. Say like this "Father, help me accept everyone like my brother and sister. Help me accept everyone in Your love Amen. I love you...

October 9, 1994
Talk to your Father

My dear children!

 Thank you for coming here. Last month I told you to pray this prayer: Father let me have accept everyone as a brother and sister. Now I Am telling you: Talk to the Father about the difficulty in your life, about the difficulties of your relatives. And this way you forget about yourself.. It's easy! Be happy, because God loves you and because you are very important for him. And this joy pass out further. So through your joy others can believe that God loves us. How many of those who do not know this. Therefore I beg you, pray for them!.

November 6, 1994
Life without God is meaningless

My dear children!

 Thank you for coming here. I beg the God, that my messages will bring you to the place where you will understand that life without God is meaningless. And then you actually seen how very much God loves you.

December 4, 1994
I will remain with you

My dear children!

Thank you for coming here. Whether you come here with any intention, a I thank you anyway. I love you. Please give me your trust. Even your dearest abandon you, I still will always remain with you.

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